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About Course

If you are ready to move towards success … We are ready to be your best option ! No experience needed. We will teach you the proper way & technique to master all fundamental aspects for this Permanent Makeup Technique.


What Will You Learn?

  • Benefit from our certification. Enhance your skills or embark on your journey into this specialized field by mastering the art of creating natural-looking brows. Elevate your expertise with our comprehensive training that goes beyond the basics, ensuring you acquire the precision and finesse required to deliver stunning and lifelike results. Whether you’re looking to refine your existing skills or start afresh, our program is tailored to empower you with the knowledge needed to excel in the intricate world of Permanent Makeup.
  • All our Brow Certifications are crafted to accommodate diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, join us and give back some confidence and sense of normalcy to those who truly need it. One Happy Client at a Time.
  • NY Ink Beauty Arts Academy is committed to your success.
  • Enroll today and unlock the opportunity to elevate your skills & become a certified trainer through our prestigious academy.

Course Content




1. Basic Microbiology

2. Diseases Of Hematic Transmission

3. Biohazard Waste

4. Hygiene & Prevention

5. Personal Protection Equipment

6. Regulations & Legal Requirements

7. Contraindications

8. The Skin | Fundamentals

9. Proper Technique

10. Complications

11. Numbing | Previous & Secondary

12. Intake Forms

13. Client Consultation | Pre & Post Care

14. Powder Brows Technique

15. Evaluation 1

16. Muscle Memory

17. Evaluation 2

18. Needles

19. Machines

20. Hand Guidance

21. Depth & Angles

22. Work Scheme

23. Evaluation 3

24. Color Theory

25. Fitzpatrick Scale

26. Pigments

27. Skin Exfoliation

28. Tension Points | Stretching

29. Bleeding During Treatment

30. Case Studies

31. Aftercare

32. Treatment Protocol

33. Resources

34. Requirements

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