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Paramedical Tattoo & Permanent Makeup

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NY INK BEAUTY ARTS ACADEMY offers a comprehensive Online School Course that serves as a springboard for individuals passionate about transforming lives through paramedical tattoo and permanent makeup. The programs are designed to equip participants with the tools needed to succeed in today’s competitive world, focusing on the unique and rewarding industry of paramedical tattoo and permanent makeup.


The academy recognizes the challenges in the industry, acknowledging gaps and a lack of information when it comes to teaching and transferring knowledge into practical skills. With a commitment to providing more than just an online class, NY INK BEAUTY ARTS ACADEMY promises to deliver tips, tricks, and mentorship essential for achieving the success participants deserve.


The instructors at the academy bring a wealth of experience, having spent many years working professionally in the field before transitioning into education. Their curriculum stands out for its emphasis on the practical application of the material, ensuring that participants are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but also gain hands-on skills.


As practitioners in permanent makeup and skincare, the instructors at NY INK BEAUTY ARTS ACADEMY are dedicated to instilling confidence in their clients. They go the extra mile to make each client feel special and unique, enhancing natural beauty, and, in some cases, contributing to the recovery of self-esteem. The academy’s techniques extend beyond aesthetics, addressing specific issues such as cleft lip, hair loss, and post-breast surgery/mastectomy, aiming to transform lives both physically and emotionally.


In their role as trainers since 2005, the instructors have developed a detailed curriculum, including training materials, exercises, graphics, and videos. The focus on “HOW & WHY” in every class simplifies the learning journey by highlighting specific details that require extra attention.


NY INK BEAUTY ARTS ACADEMY’s ultimate wish is for participants to acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve their goals and, in turn, help men and women in their communities recover their self-confidence. The academy’s commitment to joy, love, and making a positive impact in the field is evident in their approach to education and training.

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